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"Huvudvärk" translated to "Headache" illustrates the feeling of beeing a person but feeling like someone else. With her pictures Eddie Lee describes the difficulty in moving from being one person into being another person. That freedom of changing personality is not yes accepted by society today. We are often stuck in the first picture of our personallity that we give to the world. And the problem for us, Eddie Lees says, is that we are constantly judging each other and building walls and facades around our selfs that we have hard time been who we are and feeling at ease to be that person.

Eddie Lee Liljedahl

ID-number: #584 Submitted: 2016-08-11

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piQmo´s jury

piQmo has the benefit of working with some of the best art advisors, artists, art critics, consultants, photographers and art dealers in Sweden. Our aim is to use their knowledge, competence and experience at piQmo.

We do this by letting our jury view, rate, comment and select certain photos. These photos can and will of course be highlight at piQmo gallery.

The jury will of course only value those they feel have that extra. This evaluation can and will vary depending on the jury´s background, taste and feeling. The rating will be a sum up from all of the jury all togheter and at certain photos you can see their comments.  

Please get to know our jury by reading more about them below?

Anna Kleberg Sweden Artist and Initiator of Kamarade exhibition program and space. Anna lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She graduated from University College of Arts Crafts and Design, Department of Photography, Stockholm in 1998. Work by Kleberg has recently been on view at Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm, M+B, Los Angeles and the Athens Biennale. We are proud to present Anna as one of piQmo´s jury members.
Ebba Bozorgnia Sweden Ebba is currently working as art advisor and Head of Sales at Bukowskis auction house. She has a former background at Bohman Gallery and opened her own gallery "knäpper och baumgarten" with Angelica Knäpper in 2003. With her sharp eye and great knowledge Ebba is now woking close to private collectors in helping them find and build their own art collections.
Mikael Skaj Sweden Mikael is the fourth generation to run Skajs Antikhandel. As fourth generation Mikael owes a great amount of knowledge and experience within art and antiques and has refined the selection on offer and added modern art into the mix of silver and old antiques. Mikael has a background from Sotheby’s Institute in London. The collectors award 2014 announced Skajs Antikhandel to "the best antique shop".
Niclas Östlind Sweden Niclas Östlind, curator and PhD in Photography. ”Performing History”, as Niclas thesis is called and was completed in June 2014, is a study in Swedish photography dealing with period from 1970 up to now, 2014. Niclas is involved in many published books about photography and many of them are part of Niclas doctoral thesis. As Sweden's foremost expert on photography Niclas is frequent requested as lecturer. Among other commitments you will find Niclas at Gothenburg University today where he lectures and is responsible for the research of photography at the institute. He was previously curator at Gävle Art Gallery and Liljevalchs and and furthermore together with Joakim at Åmells where he was chief curator.

Introducing piQmo´s photographers

piQmo´s photographers range from known established and professionals to new and up n coming talents. Most of them from Scandinavia but also Europe and USA.

We like expressive contemporary photography and our aim at piQmo is to highlight
our photographers and their photography in an inspiring environment. All photographic art is sold in signed, limited editions. 

Get to know our photographers better by reading more
about them, see below. 

Andreas von Gegerfelt Sweden Andreas von Gegerfelt is a known Swedish fashion photographer. About his work as a photographer he says; "Taking photos is a way for me to be able to look at myself." As fashion photographer Andreas handles assignments for many of our most famous Swedish clothing accounts.
Anki Grøthe Norway Anki Grøthe lives in the mountain village Hemsedal, in Norway. She is educated in traditional photography at Strømmen High School, 2002. And in 2011 she finished Bilder Nordic school of Photography in Oslo. She specializes in lifestyle documentary photography, and is forever curious about mountain life, peoples various lifestyles and their relationship with nature and weather. She participated in "The censored exhibition at the Copenhagen photo festival". In 2012 she attended the world famous "Arno Minkkinen Spirit Level V" workshop. In 2014 she also had an exhibition at Grims Grenka Oslo. Her contribution in the trending book The Outsider, was published by Gestalten the same year. Her last accomplishment was the release of the book “Emma og usynligheten” in February 2016. A poetic documentary about the everyday life of a girl with epilepsy.
Anna Seifert Japan Born 1976 in Sweden. Anna is currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Her photography consists of independent art project along with commissioned freelance work. Anna’s photography is characterized by her ability to mediate the objects senses and the way she presents authenticity. Her photography leaves you with just enough curiosity for the story that lies between the series of pictures. Anna has held several solo and group exhibitions in Oslo, along with photo book launches.
Annelie Milton Sweden Annelie Milton, born 1969 in Umeå, Sweden. She started her education in photography at Folkhögskolan in Hemse, Gotland, and continued with art studies at Folkhögskolan in Visby, Sweden. During her year of art studies in Visby she also made an education to becoming a fireman and is now working actively booth as photographer and fireman. in 2012 she had her first solo exhibition at Gallery Axel in Stockholm and in the summer of 2015, I will hold her second solo exhibition in Gothenburg. And from 2015 she is also represented in piQmo photo gallery
Barbora Hollan Norway Barbora Hollan got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from the Academy of Arts Architecture and Design in Prague and the School of Photography in Gothenburg. In 2014 she participated for the first time at the National Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Norway (Høstutstillingen) with two large photographs from the “Studies” series. At that time she was only 25 years old. Born in Czech, raised in Norway and spending quiet some time working in Peru, Chile and Nepal, she feels a little bit at home everywhere in the world. Her big love is the large format camera and the slow, meticulous the process of creating the photographs. Although she is working conceptually, she puts great emphasis on the visual and aesthetic aspects of the photographs. Her goal is to create art that is self contained, communicating to both art critiques and the general public.
Beata Rydén Sweden Beata Rydén is a photographic artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. She has studied one year of commercial photography at Fotoskolan Jönköping and two years of fine art photography at Akademin Valand in Gothenburg. The past years she´s had exhibitions both in Sweden and USA. She had her first solo show in 2015 at Kulturhuset Kåken, Gothenburg. Beata also works as a lecturer in staged photography and she is a teacher at Moderskeppet.
Caroline af Ugglas Caroline is one of Swedens most appreciated artist and has been working with her artistry in parallel with her music since she was 20. She has shown her art in several exhibitions, including at Liljevalchs Spring Salon for photography. For the first time ever she is showing her photography in piQmo gallery in our "known-unknown photographer" based on unknown as a photographer but known to the public. Caroline är även konstnär och har målat parallellt med musiken sedan hon var 20. Hon har visat sin konst på flera utställningar, bl a på Liljevalchs Vårsalongen. Nu visar hon upp sin fotokonst i projetet känd-okänd fotograf som bygger på att hon är okänd som fotograf men känd för allmänheten.
Christiane Dame Huseklepp Vietnam Christiane is an artist from Bergen, Norway, currently living in Vietnam. She was born in 1991. Her bachelor degree in fine arts she received from Southampton Solent university. In her project ‘materialistic Identity’ she focuses on media’s impact upon our identities using self-portrait techniques. ‘Ever since I was born I have been formed by the materialistic society I live in, and by the media. I have learned to live by the premisses of a man-made society, which is based on rules and laws. I have been formed to be the person I am today, unaware of the impact society and media have had on me. As I got older I always felt like something was not right. I feel like I am serving the society rather than myself. For me, it has always been difficult to find a meaning with it all. I am wrapped up in my life, with a feeling of helplessness and being lost. I feel like myself, but not ‘the real me.’ ‘The real me’ would not live the materialistic life that I am living.’
Dag Eivind Thorenfeldt Norway Well known and acclaimed Norwegian portrait photographer and a pronounced profile in the media. After decades as one of the most sought after photographers, he and his wife left Oslo and city life looking for a different way of life on a farm growing high quality organic vegetables for high end restaurants. Photography is still a huge part of his life, but from a completely different perspective. Nature, wildlife and his family are in focus, however he still photographs with the edge, humour and playfulness he is known for. He has held numerous exhibitions through the years.
Eddie Lee Liljedahl Sweden Born 2000 in Sweden, child of the Swedish artists Caroline af Ugglas and Heinz Liljedahl. Eddie Lee is in the beginning of her carrier as a photographer and already she has found a unique expression. She uses her restlessness to create photo art that represent backside of life and difficulties of being a teenager.
Fredrik Sweger Sweden Fredrik Sweger, is a photographer based in Stockholm (1972). His work has been exhibited in publications, magazines, art galleries and photography centers in Scandinavia and internationally. His most recent project ”Var som helst När som helst” (Anywhere Anytime) was presented in a soloexhibition at Centrum för Fotografi (The Center for Photography) in Stockholm. Fredrik works whith a veriaty of different perspectives to capture and explore our perceptions of time, memory, identity and transience usually whith the every day life as backgrund.
Gabriella Dahlman Sweden Born 1964 and lives in the south of Sweden, in an area called Österlen. Educated at Högskolan för fotografi in Gothenburg 1988-1991 and at Fotolinjen at Värnhemsskolan in Malmö between 1983-1985. Gabriella has held many solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions. Most of them in south of Sweden where she also is based. Few of them are Malmö city museum, Ystad art museum, Landskrona Art Museum but also in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris and others. Gabriella has put great work in helping the city of Malmö through "Malmö konstfrämjandet" (Art promotion) with placing Art in health care and has also been decorating youth psychiatry with art. Her photo art work at piQmo reflects her interest for light, interiors and everyday life.
Helen Pe Sweden Helen Pe, born 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden. Helen is educated at Fotoskolan at Riddarfjärdsskolan between 1989-1991 and Universita per stranieri Perugia at 1992 and was formerly working as assistant for Stellan Herner. Helen was among other projects part of Alexander Lervik work “15 years, 15 chairs, 15 photographers” held in cooperation with Jonas Kleerup Gallery in 2013. Helen has been taking photos since her teenage and is known for her brilliant ability to effectively manage photo shoots where widely different images are requested. Not only does she shoot for commercial projects but she also plan and shoot for her artistic projects. Food, interiors, people and environment are all included in her repertoire. Nothing is impossible for Helen. Photography to Helen means the excitement and beauty in life and something she manages to convey in her images where natural light often is common thread.
Henrik Eriksson Sweden Visual artist. Born in Sweden. Henrik is Educated at Glasgow School of Art and the Royal Academy, College of Fine Arts. MFA 2003. Henrik has taken part in numerous exhibitions in few of the best Art Galleries and Exhibition halls in Sweden and the Nordic region as well as in Europe. Färgfabriken, Kulturhuset, Centrum för fotografi are few of his exhibitions in Sweden. Other where Henrik has attended are Centrum exhibition hall in St Peterburg, National Art Gallery in Tirana, Hippolyte Studio in Helsinki and many many more. The raw material in this work with Norrlandskusten is about a thousand pictures photographed with a digital compact camera along the east coast of northern Sweden the 21st of December 2007. Afterwards a process of post production followed, a process with the working title "plans for the coast of northern sweden", assembling thoughts about creating proposals with remodelled, renewed sites in a possibly architectonic space.
Isabell N Wedin Sweden I was born and raised in the Swedish countryside and early on discovered art and photography. My interest in nature and the mythological only grew with the years to come. After education in both art (Kostskolan i Kristianstad) and photography (Broby Grafiska i Sunne) I decided to pursue photography professionally. My style is characterized by the dreamlike, the feminine and the sheer. My strong connection with nature is often mirrored in my pictures and no matter the type of image I always try to have a presence of the magical.
Lykke Stjernswärd Switzerland Born in Stockholm raised in Swizerland. Lykke is graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Switzerland and the university of Geneva, She holds a B.A in communication design as well as in entrepreneurship and business development. With an international portfolio of photography, Lykke has worked on assignments for Vogue Nippon and her photography have been published in The New York Times and The Herald Tribune. Her work is seen across the globe in London, Stockholm, Budapest, Riga, Geneva and Hong Kong. She is also the founder of,
Magnus Lindqvist Sweden Magnus was born in Stockholm, Sweden 1970. In 1978 his family moved to south of Sweden where he lives today. Magnus creative process started early with the audio and video as platform and his interest for drawing. He bought his first camera at the age of 18th and ever since he has taken photos of what Magnus finds as interesting objects with a focus of how the light affects the object and the image. The most important in Magnus art works is to work with light to capture and convey thought provoking images. With his pictures he allows opportunity to many interpretations. Magnus is an autodidakt in photography and has gained his knowledge through books, newspapers, and of course by experimenting with different settings and compositions. In 2008 he began taking portraits and continued to develop his skills here. At piQmo you can find a small collection of Magnus interesting portraits.
Marcus Nyberg Sweden Marcus Nyberg is a professional photographer based in Berlin. Earlier studies at Gamleby School of Photography and mentored by Erika Svensson. His work is often expressed in timeless portraits with minimalistic aesthetics. More information at
Maria Prestmo Norway Life etches itself onto our faces as we grow older, showing our violence, excesses or kindnesses- Rembrandt Van Rijn Maria Prestmo (born 1976) is a Bergen-based photographer whose projects often reside in the realms between figuration and abstraction, between reality and dreams. In this regard her approach to photography is more similar to that of a painter, and she often uses combinations of visual strategies such as translucency, reflections in mirrors and double exposure to explore humans connectedness with the environment. Exhibited work is often shown with sculptural objects from her photographs as unified installations, also to emphasize our connection to the environment. Since late childhood, she has always carried around a camera, and although her nine years of academic education, the camera has become her way of studying human behavior. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and festivals such as Galleri Ramfjord (Oslo), HardingarT (Utne), Hydrogenfabrikken Kunsthall (Fredrikstad), Hardanger Musikkfest (Lofthus), Banksmidja Galleri (Voss), Galleri Laszka (Oslo), and in her own showroom Salongen – rom for kunst in Bergen. In 2015 she won the second prize at a juried exhibition at Galleri Ramfjord, and in March 2016 she had her first solo show at Galleri Ramfjord, showing the photo- and bookproject “Alt får ikke bare bli borte”.
Marianne Bjørnmyr United Kingdom
Nina Worren Denmark Nina Worren (born 1971) is a Norwegian artist based in Copenhagen. She is educated at International Center of Photography in New York and Fatamorgana – Denmarks school of art photography in Copenhagen. She works mainly with photography and video as medium. Her work has been shown through several exhibitions in the Nordic countries, Europe, Russia and USA. Through personal documentation, recreation of dreams and memories, staged and performative processes, she investigates what it is to be human nature. The topics are intimacy, alienation, solitude and stillness. Her work is visually poetic and cinematic depictions describing an inner, psychological state of being, the presence and absence in our relations to others and our surroundings. Often there is a tention in the work, something uncanny – a sense of that something has happened or is going to happen.
Ola Billmont Sweden Shooting my own projects but also do assignments. Most of my work is done with analog cameras.
Oleg Ponomarev Russia Oleg was born July 20 in 1988 in Leningrad, known as St Petersburg, Russia. He graduated with a professional course for photo correspondents from Photofaculty of Yuri Galperin. Furthermore he studied photography at Segei Maksimishin Tsekh school. Oleg is a freelance photographer collaborataing with magazines such as National Geographic, LensCulture, Neon, Bird in flight, Featureshoot and more. He has taken part in a number of international photo contests and festivals. His photographic work can be seen in the permanent collections of Russian museum in St.Petersburg and Museum of Russian photography in Kolomna.
Patricia Burns United States Patricia Burns is a graduate from Claremont Graduate University with an MFA in Studio Art in 2013 and Chapman University with a BFA in Studio Art with an emphasis in drawing and sculpture in 2009. Burns’s photographs explore her relationship to space, architecture and one another through gender roles. Burns subtly jokes and plays with the hierarchy of gender through her work. She plays with gender tropes and sexuality while also questioning her own passivity within patriarchal systems. Burns’ seeks to create a world within her installations and photographs that is both ordered and chaotic, seeking to create a strange logic where the rules are not understood but present. Repeated materials, photographs and objects are brought back to life in different pieces to create a rhythm of reflexivity within all the mediums Burns moves between in her practice. Burns photographs straddle performance and documentation; and at times incorporate her own sculptures as props within her photographs. She uses familiar spaces and re-contextualizes objects or her own body to put the viewer off balance. She lives and works in Los Angeles and has exhibited in Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, Nevada.
Peter de Ru Sweden Peter de Ru was born in the Netherlands in 1946. In 1969 he moved to Sweden and studied the German language at the University of Gothenburg. In 1971 he became a student at Christer Strömholms Photo School in Stockholm and studied there untill 1974. Since 1975 Peter is working as a professional photographer in Sweden and abroad. Peter de Ru is represented at several state institutions like the Swedish Radio, the Nobel museum, the Karolinska Hospital and since 2011 at the National Museum in Stockholm (The Swedish State portrait gallery at Gripsholm)
Pini Hamou Israel Visual Artist. 47 years old. Pini lectures in Photography and Art history and holds many photography workshops. Pini have won several photo contests have had numerous photo exhibits in galleries and museums throughout Israel. Pini´s photos vary in topics from documentary, nature to conceptual art projects. The blend of photography, painting and cinematography are very clear in Pinis photos. He takes his ideas from his fantasies that gives him big freedom while shooting and processing. His conceptual art works are often based on fantasies, fairy tales and the world of childhoods. He blurs the boundaries between them and creates his own in to his photos. To Pini its important that each photo tells a story, passes over an idea and makes the viewer ask many questions. He always shoot in natural light so there can be long waiting for the perfect time and light to come for photography.
Ralf Turander Sweden Ralf Turander´s fashion pictures filled the large weekly magazines in the 1970s and '80s, eventually his photo turned in to interior photos and instead filled the monthly interior magazines such as Sköna Hem and Månads Journalen. Ralf has over the years worked for both Swedish and foreign magazines. He received his education by some of the world's foremost in photography; Richard Avedon, Hiro, and in Sweden Sten Didrik Bellander and Tio fotografer. In 1984 he received Stora Journalistpriset (The Great Journalist award) for his photos, as one of very few photographers. 1986 he held his first solo-exhibition at Moderna Museet fotografiska (The Modern Museum of Photography) in Stockholm. Many exhibitions have followed both in Stockholm and Sweden aswell as in Europe e.g. Centre Culturel Suédois in Paris. Ralf has participated with photographs for 26 books and more are under construction. Many of them reflect Sweden's cultural history. Ralf´s photographic development has moved from his time unique fashion pictures for experimentation with photos, where cultural motifs, often interiors through the centuries, dominates. Even landscapes and books are frequent motifs. Ralf Turander is among other represented at Statens porträttsamling på Gripsholms slott (Gripsholms castle) , Moderna Museet (The Museum of Modern Art), Haga slott (Haga castle) as well as in many private collections.
Sanna Sjöswärd Sweden Sanna Sjöswärd born 1973 in Iran, she grew up as an adopted daughter in a Swedish family. She is trained in documentary photography at Hola, Kramfors and Nordic Photo School at Bishop Arnö, Sweden. She has worked as a professional photographer since 2002. Several of her photo exhibition "Roots" and "Two faces" have become very appreciated and she has won many awards for her works. She also published two photobook: "Roots" (2006) and Portraits of enthusiasts (Bladh by Bladh 2011) And also an autobiography titled; "My mother is a Persian princess" (Collins 2009)Education:1998-1999 Hola College, Documentary photography1999-2001 Nordic School of Photography, photojournalism 100 pLanguage: Swedish, English2015Portfoliereview for New York Times 11, 13 april 2015Assignment Honary portrait, Nationalmuseum, Gripsholm CastleExhibit Honary portraits for Nationalmuseum in Malmo, Gothenbourg2014 Exhibit portraits for Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, Arlanda Airport, Umeå Airport Lecture Gallery Kontrast, StockholmExhibit Jetbone, Hotell Diplomat, StockholmExhibit Kleine Nachtrevue, Kulturmagasinet, Sundsvall2013 Freelancing the Iranian Election and based in Teheran June 2013 - January 2014worked for Swedish Newspapers Dagens Nyheter, SvD and for Omvärlden.Lecture in DOC Photo 2013 in Norway, Oslo with Mary Ellen Mark, Sebastian Liste, Katharina Hesse.2012 Freelancing for companies, publishers, media companies. Lectures for libraries, schools, International Rotary and companies. Exhibit Enthusiasts Gallery London on 6 September - 16 September 2012. Guest teacher for Berghs School in StockholmExhibit Enthusiasts Åmåls photofestival, Åmål May 5 - May 12, 2012Exhibit Enthusiasts St Nicholas Church Orebro (February 4 to March 3) 2011 Guest teacher Berghs School of Communication, StockholmBook and exhibition: Enthusiasts (Bladh by Bladh), Book/exhibition Norway: Kvinners Kall (Verbum), 2010 Exhibition (collection) Enthusiasts: Malmö Festival, Exhibition Enthusiasts: Planket 2010 Stockholm, Exhibit Enthusiasts: Sturehof, StockholmFreelance, lectures and teaches for schools, Rotary and companies.2009 Book: My mother is a Persian princess, NorstedtsFreelance, lectures and teaches for schools, library and company.2008 Aftonbladet, photographerBook / exhibition Sweden: You should be a priest (Verbum) 2007 Freelance Assignment for media and international media in Iran, Tehran2006 Book: Roots /Roots
Sara Tanderø Norway Sara Tanderø, born 1975, lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Educated at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts, School of Visual Arts New York, and ESAG Paris. She is a visual artist working with camera based art. She tries to explore new techniques in each project she works on. She works very intuitively and this allows a lot of experimenting, turning photography into a performance enacted before the camera. She tries to achieve a painterly expression in her photographs. Her work have been part of exhibitions as “The Autumn Exhibition”, Norway, “Portrait Now” at the Museum of Natural History in Denmark, The Ljungberg Museum in Sweden, Museo de Almeria, Spain and several group exhibitions in New York.
Stefan Otto Sweden Stefan is a Swedish artist born 1969 and based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has held numerous of interesting exhibitions, both solo and group exhibitions. His art has been travelling from Reykjavik, Iceland to Helsinki in Finland aswell as Basel in Belgium and Germany to Italy and Israel and many many more countries but then back agin to Stockholm, Sweden. Stefan has an interesting way of expressing him self and can do this in many different artistic art forms. At piQmo Stefans photographic art work is an mix of analogue art work and photography art work where he mixes oil paint with photography. Stefan describes his process of his art work at piQmo : "I project the photos on a backprojection-cloth and put a glass-plate in front of the projected image. I then paint the image on the glass with oil painting. After this I shoot from the same direction as I painted with the projection and painting that blends. This technique makes it a bit like analogue photography"
Stig Marlon Weston Norway Born and based in Oslo, Stig Marlon Weston studied at Strømmen and at Stokmarknes school of photography, before starting a career ar as professional photographer doing reportage, portraits, and themed illustration assignments. Always interested in the philosophical aspects of photography and alternative ways of making his images, he has gradually turned his focus towards conceptually based artistic work. Interested in how truth and reality can be perceived in a more direct way than our unconscious mode of automatic interpretation allows, Weston works with the photographic processes to capture an unsullied view of the world. Sceptical of digital manipulation he instead embraces cameraless photography and enjoys exploring the magical properties of chemicals and light in the analog darkroom. Stig Marlon Weston has participated in both the Norwegian State Autumn Exhibition and the National Regional exhibitions as well as exhibitions abroad, won several awards and also does work as a curator and workshop teacher.
Yvonne Heinonen Sweden Sedan jag var liten har jag velat bli konstnär. Det där med ord har aldrig varit min grej. Jag har alltid haft mycket lättare att uttrycka mig i bilder, färg och form. Mitt första jobb som kopeist på Smålandsposten var starten för att vilja lära mig så mycket som möjligt om foto. Jag läser sällan texter i tidningar, det är fotografierna som fångar mitt intresse. Jag har svårt för att formulera mig i text men har accepterat att det inte är min styrka och har därför fokuserat på bild. Det är en härlig känsla att få skapa bilder och via det sättet visa vem jag är. Mina bilder skapas under skapandet. Både gamla och nutida fotokonstnärer inspirerar mig. En som jag tittar mycket på är Salvardor Dali och Rene Magritte. Jag som många andra med ett stort fotointresse ser världen i stillbilder, frusna ögonblick som sedan lagras i huvudet och även i kameran när den är med.

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